Direct Marketing for Mobile Car Washes

Direct marketing and direct mail can work for a mobile carwash company. Most mobile carwash companies are quite happy with the word-of-mouth advertising and referrals they get from providing excellent service to previous customers. This is great indeed, however by using a targeted direct mail and direct marketing package to achieve more business a mobile carwash company can cluster their customers close together.

The closer together that customers are for a mobile carwash the easier it is for them to remain efficient and this means less travel time between customers and therefore less fuel expended. With gasoline at 3 dollars per gallon it makes sense to cluster customers and put them closer together and this is one thing that direct marketing and direct mail can do for a mobile carwash company.

I have been a mobile carwash business for 27 years and I have always felt that if you keep your routes consolidated that you can wash more cars in a day and therefore make more money. You can also add more units to your business to handle more consolidated routes. Direct mail and direct marketing package therefore makes sense for mobile carwashes almost as much has fixed site carwashes. Please consider all those in 2006.